Decision day comes and when you hear from your dream school you discover you have been waitlisted. While this may leave a bad feeling in your stomach, don’t despair! Keep in mind that the Ivy Leagues and elite Top 20 universities that you applied to are extremely competitive and getting on the waitlist is an accomplishment in itself. Many students on waitlists get out of limbo with an eventual acceptance so keep the faith.

Here are some of interesting facts to keep in mind. Around 10% of students who are waitlisted end up getting in and last year that was even higher. Students are applying to more and more of the Ivy Leagues every year so predicting the percentage of admitted students that matriculate is a moving target, especially when students gain admission to multiple universities. You can be notified of admittance as early as April or as late as August depending on the school.

You still have control over what you decide to do, don’t assume things are out of your hands. I can help you develop a plan of action!  Transferring to an Ivy League college can also be an option, and colleges accept transfer after only one semester, so ahead and enroll in your next top choice college since there is a chance you won’t get moved off of the waitlist in time. If you are waitlisted from your top choice it also can’t hurt to write a letter to the admissions representative and copy the dean of admissions that emphasizes why you see yourself at their university. Keep it upbeat, being positive always leaves a better lasting impression than being negative and complaining.

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