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2803, 2024

What To Do If You’re Waitlisted?

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What To Do If You're Waitlisted? What to do if you're waitlisted?  Were you just waitlisted on Ivy Day?  That eagerly anticipated day when all of the Ivy League colleges release their admissions decisions? It's a nerve-wracking experience for many high school seniors, as well as their parents.  The culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and aspirations for a amazing future. For some, the results are absolutely FANTASTIC!  For others, disappointing to say the least (p.s. you can always transfer). However, for a few select students, Ivy Day brings even more unexpected and confusing news: being placed on the waitlist. What in the world to do now??? THE WAITLIST While it may initially feel like a setback, being waitlisted does NOT mean it's the end of the road for you and your dream school.  Really.  100%.  Read that sentence one more time:  this is NOT the end.  Every single year, I get so many, many students off the Ivy League waitlist  --- UPenn, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth...even Harvard.  If you got waitlisted and have gotten this close to your dream school, know you CAN still get in. Now, you do need to plan for your new freshman year as if

2503, 2024

Ivy Admissions Day

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Ivy Admissions Day Understanding Ivy Admissions Day For countless high school seniors, the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and aspirations is encapsulated in a single day known as Ivy Admissions Day. This potentially life-changing day, eagerly anticipated and nervously awaited, marks the announcement of admission decisions from the Ivy League universities and a handful of other colleges. With hearts pounding and anticipation building, students across the globe brace themselves for the unveiling of their fate and where they will spend the next four years. Anticipation Builds Ivy Admissions Day, this year falling on March 28th, is an event shrouded in significance. It represents the culmination of a rigorous and often anxiety-inducing college application process. For many, the dream of attending an Ivy League college is intertwined with years of academic striving, extracurricular achievements, pain, stress, heartache, excellence, drive, ambition and personal growth. As such, Ivy Admissions Day transcends mere college admissions; it symbolizes the realization of lifelong dreams and the opening of doors to boundless opportunities. And, it is also incredibly important to parents! The Moment Arrives Leading up to Ivy Admissions Day, the atmosphere is charged with anticipation. Students refresh their email inboxes incessantly, hoping for the

2101, 2024

Best Engineering Colleges in the US

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Best Engineering Colleges in the US When it comes to pursuing a career in engineering, choosing the right college can be a crucial decision that shapes your academic journey and professional future. The United States boasts numerous highly competitive schools known for their excellence in engineering and education. In this article, we will delve into the top 21 engineering colleges in the US, exploring their unique features, Ivy League distinction, college prep programs, and the competitive admissions process. 1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Topping the list is MIT, renowned globally for its cutting-edge research and innovation in engineering. With a rigorous curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities, MIT consistently produces top-tier engineers. 2. Stanford University Stanford's School of Engineering stands out for its interdisciplinary approach and emphasis on entrepreneurship. The university fosters a dynamic environment where students can engage in groundbreaking projects and collaborate across various disciplines. 3. California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Caltech's commitment to a personalized learning experience shines through its small class sizes and a favorable student-to-faculty ratio. The institution is celebrated for its hands-on research and scientific exploration. 4. Columbia University Columbia's Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science offers a diverse range of engineering programs.

901, 2024

How to Write Harvard’s Transfer Essays

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How to Write Harvard's Transfer Essays How to Write Harvard's Transfer Essays - expert tips and advice from a former Harvard admissions interviewer and Harvard graduate. So, you want to try to get in to Harvard as a transfer student, do you?  It's not impossible, but it is VERY competitive. Last year, on 15 students were admitted to Harvard University as transfer students.  You think that's bad?  The year before is was 12.  That's 12 students worldwide.  However, there is always hope as one of my students was one of those 15, and in previous years I've had others as well. So, what does it actually take to get in as a Harvard transfer student?  The most important thing, outside your grades and letters of recommendation, is going to be your transfer essays and how you respond to the transfer application prompts. I will go through them here now, one-by-one. Harvard is asking 2023-24 applicants to pen five short essays in response to the following prompts: 1. Harvard has long recognized the importance of enrolling a diverse student body. How will the life experiences that shape who you are today enable you to contribute to Harvard?* (200 words) Share a

501, 2024

How to Transfer to Columbia University

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How to Transfer to Columbia University How to transfer to Columbia?  Transferring to a college like Columbia is a hard yet rewarding undertaking. The process involves more than just maintaining a strong academic record; it requires the artful crafting of your Columbia transfer essays. Columbia's transfer admissions process is notably competitive, and success hinges on presenting a compelling case for why you belong at the school. In this article, I will delve into each Columbia transfer essay prompt and provide valuable insights on how to address each one effectively.. Essay Prompt 1: Why are you interested in transferring to Columbia University? This pivotal essay prompt serves as a litmus test for your knowledge of Columbia's distinctive academic and extracurricular offerings. Begin by immersing yourself in thorough research on Columbia's programs, faculty, and campus culture. Demonstrating a nuanced understanding of what Columbia has to offer not only showcases genuine interest but also underscores your commitment. Delve into specific aspects that resonate with your academic and personal goals. Highlight renowned professors, unique research opportunities, or distinctive programs that set Columbia apart from your current institution.   It's crucial to connect your current experiences with what Columbia offers. If you are pursuing a

201, 2024

What Do Schools Look for in a Transfer Application?

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What Do Schools Look for in a Transfer Application?   Introduction: Transferring from one college to another is a significant decision that requires careful consideration and a well-crafted application. Whether you're moving from a community college to a four-year university or seeking to get into the Ivy League, understanding what schools look for in a transfer application is crucial. This article explores the key factors that admissions committees typically consider when evaluating transfer applications. Academic Performance: One of the primary factors that schools assess in a transfer application is the applicant's academic performance. A strong academic record not only demonstrates a commitment to learning but also indicates the potential for success in a new academic environment. Admissions committees typically review your college transcripts, paying attention to your overall GPA as well as performance in major-related courses. Consistent academic excellence is likely to make a positive impression on the admissions team.  In other words, you don't need a 4.0, but particularly when talking about a "Top 20" or Ivy League school (my speciality) you do need to have the highest grades you can get. Reason for Transfer: Clearly articulating your reasons for seeking a transfer is essential in any application. Admissions

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