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Ivy League College Admissions Consulting

Thank you again for helping Sebastian get into Harvard! We passed your name on to one of our friends. They have a son who is interested in applying to the Ivy League, and there’s no one I would rather recommend. You made our family very happy.
Richard C., Father of student accepted to Harvard University
Right now I am still speechless! I was accepted to both Columbia and Yale! I still can’t believe it. I still have to hear from Stanford, but wanted to say thank you. I am heavily leaning towards going to Yale, but will wait to hear from my other schools. Thank you again!
David H., accepted to Columbia, Yale, and Stanford. All three of his target schools!
Rebecca told me that she already told you the good news. We all want to thank you so much for helping her with her Princeton application. I told her that we should hire you permanently! Oh, and my friend’s friend has a daughter who is going to be a senior next year and will need help on her college admission essays. I passed on your name. Princeton. So happy!
Lijuan G., Mother of student accepted to Princeton University
I have wanted to go to MIT since I was five years old. Thanks to your great input on my essays Jillian, now I actually get to go!
Michelle Y., accepted to MIT and Harvard
Given that I have more of an artistic side, I didn’t think the schools would be actively looking for students like me and were more interested in engineering and science types. You certainly showed me I was wrong, and I can’t wait until I start college at Brown in the Fall!
Eric M., accepted to Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell and UPenn
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