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2009, 2022

Early Action or Early Decision: Ivy College Admissions Consulting

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Early Action or Early Decision: Ivy College Admissions Choosing Early Action over Early Decision can be confusing. Make sure you're making the right choice! Early Action and Early Decision are both college application STRATEGIES.  In other words, by getting your application in early, you will actually gain an advantage over students who apply regular decision. How much of an advantage, you ask?  That depends on the school, but in my experience it is usually quite a boost -- up to a 10% increase in the chance that you'll get in.  When you're talking about schools like Harvard, Princeton or Yale that adds up to be quite significant. It's hard to understand the difference between these two "Early" strategies though, and to make it even more difficult, each school has its own definition of the terms.  That's why it's always important to look on the school's actual website so you understand what exactly you will be committing to, should you get in. Early Action versus Early Decision: The Definitions Early Action is the less "committed" of the two choices, and you can choose more than one school for EA. In fact, you can apply EA to as many schools as you

1409, 2022

How To Get In to an Ivy League College (Tips for Parents!)

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The Parent's Guide to Getting Your Student In to the Ivy League Parents want their children to do well in life, and if you have always dreamed of having your son or daughter graduate from an Ivy League college -- which, to define the term "Ivy League," refers to the eight schools that make up "The Ivies" and includes: Harvard, Princeton, Yale (the "Big Three"), as well as Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell, Columbia, and Penn (The University of Pennsylvania),  there are many thing you can do that will help your student succeed in the college admissions and Ivy League college admissions process, in particular. #1.  Make sure your student takes as many AP courses as possible:   College admissions officers, especially at the most competitive schools, want to see that your student is not only challenging themselves by taking the most difficult courses possible at their particular school, but they want to see that they are ALREADY fully immersed in college-level classes, before they even get to college. In other words, if your student's high school doesn't currently offer any AP or IB course work, make sure they get classes at that level somewhere else (like enrolling in a community college after

1009, 2022

What Does It Mean If You Get Waitlisted?

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What Does it Mean If You Get Waitlisted? More importantly, is there anything that you can do? Decision day comes and when you see that email from your dream school, you discover that you have been waitlisted. Ugh. Horrible. Blech. Depressing. Just not what you were hoping for at all.  But, while this may leave you with a sinking feeling in your stomach, don’t despair.  Really. Keep in mind that the Ivy League and  "Top 20" universities in general, are all EXTREMELY  competitive and getting on the waitlist is an accomplishment in itself. That doesn't make you feel better does it?  It should, because it means that there is still hope. I've seen many, many, students who've been put on the waitlist for even the very upper level Ivy League, and Ivy League competitive schools. In other words, I've had students get OFF the waitlist, get OUT of limbo, and actually gain acceptance...sometimes even at the very last minute, and to the most elite of the Ivy League schools.  In other words, Princeton, Harvard, and Yale.  So, as they say, it really "ain't over 'til it's over" and you always need to keep the faith. Here are some of interesting

1608, 2022

How To Get Into Harvard

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How to Get Into Harvard How to get into Harvard -- smart people want to know!  Actually, everybody wants to know, because getting into Harvard is a life-changing event.  It gives you opportunity in life.  It gives you a community of equally smart and interesting peers whom you will be able to fall back on, as part of a very tight community, for the rest of your life. The high school seniors who attend Harvard today become the very well-known, authors, scientists, politicians, Presidents, humanitarians, doctors, scholars and artists of tomorrow.  They truly are the voice of the next generation. So, what does it take to really get in to Harvard University? How do these successful college applicants do it? You can try to substitute Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth, or Brown, etc., here, but it's somehow not the same.  Even Stanford and MIT while excellent, extremely competitive schools (and, in some cases, even better for what you may specifically want to study) still doesn't quite equate to that Harvard degree. What is it then about Harvard University?  How do you become one of the lucky 1600 students admitted each year to not only the Ivy League, but "the" Ivy League? As

1408, 2022

What Each Ivy League College is Known For

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WHAT EACH IVY LEAGUE COLLEGE IS KNOWN FOR Each Ivy League college has its own niche. It’s own “brand” In other words, what each Ivy League college is known for in terms of reputation.  In terms of college admissions, and Ivy League college admissions in particular, understanding which school is the best fit for you, as well as which school will think you’re the best fit for THEM, is only going to increase your chances. The following is a very brief list detailing each Ivy League school and what specific programs or majors it is best known for around the world. Allow me to add, that all 8 of the Ivy League colleges mentioned here, as well as the ones I deem “Ivy League competitive”  are excellent universities, and truly do offer an extensive, wide-reaching, liberal arts education that will leave you extremely well-educated and intellectually valued around the globe. And yet, knowing what each Ivy is known for, will give you an advantage when applying to universities.  It is 100% correct to say that some of the schools are known for certain specialties more so than the others, and if you pay attention to that fact, you will have

1408, 2022

How to Choose a Topic for Your Common App

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How to Choose a Topic for Your Common App 1. The Easy Way: Picking a topic for your Common App essay is easy -- but choosing the RIGHT topic for your Common App, as you probably know, as otherwise you wouldn't be googling this question, is really very hard! The right topic is extremely important as the topic choice itself can make or break your entire application.  Literally. As the Common App goes to all of your schools, instead of just one school, like your supplementals, mess this essay up and you can really hurt your overall chances. No worries though, as I'm going to walk you through the process of how to choose a really strong topic for your Common App! Brainstorming Common App Topics + Ideas Make a list -- on your phone, on a separate piece of paper, in a Word document, basically anywhere you keep a running "topic idea" list and refer back to it adding more ideas over the next few days as we think about this.  Number your list, say 1-5 to start, and just write one short sentence for each "idea" you have. Don't be afraid to write down BAD ideas, too. Just

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