How to Transfer to an Ivy League College

So, how to transfer to an Ivy League college like Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, or Yale (just to name a few)? Yes, I also work with college transfer students every year, for any school, and have a great success rate helping kids get in to the Ivy League. If you’re thinking about transferring to an Ivy League college, or just transferring in general, fill out my contact form today for a free college transfer consultation. We’ll discuss your chances, your options, and most important, your strategy! You CAN get in as a transfer student to the Ivy League.

How to Transfer to an Ivy League College

Harvard University

College Transfer Consulting

  • Harvard
  • Princeton
  • Yale
  • Columbia
  • Dartmouth
  • Brown
  • Cornell
  • UPenn
  • Also MIT, Stanford, Duke, UC Berkeley, Hopkins, UCLA, NYU or any other school that you wish!

The Transfer Student Process:

  1. Once you become a client, I do a review of your admission essays from last year, and provide a verbal analysis.
  2. Now understanding any issues that might have arose with last year’s essays, (why you perhaps did not get in), we then move forward with making a list of schools you should target this year in terms of where you should apply as a transfer applicant.
  3. Once the school selection list is complete, we then work on each school’s essays. Just like last year with the Common App, this year there will be one main essay focusing on “Why Do You Want to Transfer?” + each school has their own supplemental essays and prompts.
  4. Once we sign off on each essay draft, we then move on to the next school on your list!

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How Ivy College Essay Can Help You With Ivy League College Essays

Expert Guidance for Ivy League College Essays:

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My commitment to your success goes beyond just crafting essays. I offer a comprehensive suite of college essay consulting services to equip you for all aspects of the application process. Whether you’re working on Ivy essays, Princeton transfer essays, or crafting your Ivy League application essays, I’m here to guide you. I help you develop a clear and coherent application strategy, ensuring that every component, from Ivy League letter of recommendation to essay content, reinforces your narrative.

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