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Applying to an Ivy League college this year and live in New York City?

If you answered yes, and are looking for an Ivy League college admissions consultant, living in NYC makes admissions into an Ivy League university like more likely!

The top schools in the U.S. like Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Columbia repeatedly accept a high number of students from the NYC area every single year!

This is because you (or your child) already have access to the most competitive high schools in the United States. You also have access to many cultural benefits specific to New York as well, such as museums, theater, etc., and that means you are going to be well-prepared.

Private high schools like Marymount, Spence, Brearley, Trinity, Collegiate, Horace Mann, Columbia (just to name a few), as well as public high schools (like Bronx Science and Stuyvensant, for example) often become straight “feeder schools” into the Ivy League.

And that means a whole lot of hope for you!

This isn’t because of any kind of favoritism as people in other parts of the country often like to think. It’s because the Ivy League universities know that these extremely competitive NYC high schools prepare their students WELL. Really well.

After all, that is what a prep school is: “prep” is for preparatory.

Applying to an Ivy League college from New York City however can also makes admissions for you or your student MORE difficult, so it’s really a Catch-22.

This is because colleges like to diversify. They WANT to diversify, especially in this day and age, and that just doesn’t mean diversity in terms of race or even economic background. It means diversity in terms of where you grew up.

In other words, the regional culture you were immersed in. As in, the state where you grew up.  Your community-of-origin.

City, country, suburb or something in between, the admissions committee at any strong college or university want to attract and pull students in from other regions of the United States as well as the world.

And for this reason, they can’t accept every student who just happened to go to a prestigious New York prep school, or magnet.

This then makes applying to an Ivy League college from New York City  MORE COMPETITIVE than it would if you grew up in Wyoming or Alabama. This is true for the whole “tri-state” area: New Jersey, Connecticut, and we’ll throw Boston in there, too.

So, what can you do if you do live in New York, and New York City in particular, and absolutely want to shoot for the Ivy League?

You do what you would expect. Take all the AP courses you can, do extremely well in your classes, have interesting extracurriculars, be extremely DRIVEN, get high SAT or ACT scores, ace your Ivy League admissions interview, and seek help from Ivy League college admissions coaches with credentials like me.

I’m a former Harvard admissions interviewer + a Harvard grad, and have been running my admissions firm for over 12 years now with an excellent success rate.

I know what it takes to get kids in to the Ivy League.

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