Ivy League College Admissions: A Step-By-Step Guide to Submitting Your Common App

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Applying to Ivy League College Admissions and submitting your Common App is an amazing accomplishment – exciting and a little bit daunting when you first start. It’s important to understand the process so that you showcase yourself as a potential Ivy League or top college applicant in the best possible way.

To make sure your understanding of the college application process is clear, I’ve listed the steps required to complete your application successfully –and don’t forget, as a former Harvard admissions interviewer and Harvard grad I’m also here to help you further if you’re looking to hire a college admissions consultant who specializes in the Ivy League. So, here we

1. Create an account on https://www.commonapp.org/

2. After you created your account, go to “My Colleges” by selecting the My Colleges tab.

  • This is where you can complete specific university supplemental information, questions and manage your recommendation letters for every college to which you are applying.

3. Next fill out the “Questions” section under the Application header. This can be found if you look to the left-hand side of your screen. This is where you’ll include things like your activities. You’ll be able to “Review and Submit” once you’re completely done.

4. Next select “Recommendations and FERPA” section under the Application header. Here you will be able to select the people who you would like to be your Recommenders. Focus on inviting counselors and teachers who will say positive things about you and know you well! Be sure to ask your teachers first, in person, if they would be willing to write you a rec, before you send them an invite here!

5. Finally under the “Writing Supplement” section select the “Questions” option. Don’t forget to write thoughtfully and double check your content before you submit! Your Common App essay, plus individual school supplemental essays are the most important part of your application.

6. That said, work on all of your essays beforehand, before you ever upload anything to the website. And never wait until the day of the deadline, as the servers have often gone down causing much panic! You always want to give yourself extra time to upload. If your still confused there are lots of additional resources on the Common App website, including https://www.commonapp.org/apply/first-time-students and https://www.commonapp.org/help.

And don’t forget I’m here as well to give you more guidance and insights. Especially help with your school selection, the content of your actual Common App essay, and school supplemental essays, plus any additional info you might need. Reach out now for a free consultation at: www.IvyCollegeEssay.com and let me help you get into a great top college, or achieve your dream of getting into the Ivy League!