It’s getting to be that time of year again! College application time for high school seniors: or at least the time of year to start thinking about where you might apply for college.

After all, where you go to school is IMPORTANT, as it does set the stage for the rest of your life (no pressure).  That doesn’t mean you can’t do great things if you don’t get into the school of your dreams, as you certainly CAN, and many people do. What it does mean however, is that achieving your dreams will be EASIER if you go to a top-notch school.

This is especially true if you’re interested in going to an #IvyLeague college, like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc. Or what I like to call “Ivy League Equivalent” such as Stanford, MIT, Duke or UCLA.  As a graduate of Harvard myself, and a former Harvard admissions interviewer, I speak from experience when I say that the college you go will help you in life. For years and years after you graduate, not only in terms of job opportunities but friends, referrals to all kinds of other things you can’t even imagine. And a social circle you can always access, all around the world.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is at best trying to just sugar-coat things. Don’t stress yourself out (if you’re a delicate snowflake), or (at worst) they like to believe that the world is really equal.

So, the goal is to get into the best college you can get into, and in light of the recent college admissions scandal. Let me tell you that this is completely doable, legally and ethically if you:

1). First know what you’re up against, and

2). Take the time to get help from an +Expert COLLEGE ADMISSIONS CONSULTANT and Harvard graduate, like myself, for example (, and BE PREPARED.

Obviously, there are many things that go into creating an amazing college application that will stand out.  As I’m sure you’ve heard, it’s not just about test scores and grades.  It’s about what makes YOU unique, what have you done different or exceptional beyond the accomplishments of your peers.  What makes you unusual perhaps, or different, in a good way?  These are the things I try to help you pinpoint and expand upon in your COLLEGE APPLICATION ESSAYS.

At this stage of the game, it’s about positioning.  You have the AP classes, you have your extracurriculars, now how can we position that within your essays? How do help you make the strongest case possible?  That’s what I help with — contact me today! Let’s see if we can devise a plan to help get you where you want to go! or email me at:

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