Hello 2020 Ivy League college applicants! This is my first Ivy League college admissions blog post of the new year, and we’re going to touch on everything!  First things first, your college interviews, and specifically, your Ivy League college interviews — as if you applied to college this year, your interviews should be quickly approaching!

The question now is:  how to best prepare? You spent so much time on your college applications, not to mention all the years and years of your life trying to do well in high school, and amassing extracurriculars, and trying to get your SAT and ACT test scores up, and doing interesting and unique things with your outside school time, and your summers, and your mind, and your personality, just so you can GET INTO A GREAT IVY LEAGUE COLLEGE.

In other words: don’t blow it now.

There is too much at stake.

Educate yourself.  Know what to EXPECT from the interview process, and you’ll be so way ahead of the game!

To help out the students who worked with me on their essays this year, as well as help out those students just finding my blog now, I’ve put together an extensive “Ivy League College Admissions Interview Prep ebook” for only $20 USD, that will expertly guide you through the entire college, and Ivy League interview process.

You can get that downloadable ebook here today!  Seriously, don’t go into your college interview without being prepared.  My ebook is filled with EXPERT tips and advice on everything you can expect, from how to dress, to specific questions asked, and how you should best respond. I am a former Harvard admissions interviewer, and a Harvard graduate. This is the best insider advice you can get!  BUY EBOOK HERE

I am also offering this year, as my schedule allows, an 1 hour MOCK INTERVIEW Prep.  This “mock” or practice interview will walk you through what an exact Harvard (or Ivy League equivalent) college admissions interview will be like.  Don’t think the interview doesn’t matter, because it matters A LOT.  An awful lot: especially if you’ve been deferred from Early Admissions/Decision.

This year, I’m offering phone or FaceTime interviews ($350 USD/hr), as well as interviews in person at the Harvard Club of NYC  if you are in the NYC area ($750 USD/hr).  Please contact me through my email, if you are interested in setting up an interview session: IvyLeagueEssayInfo@gmail.com

Meanwhile, check out the ebook above, and GET INTO THE IVY LEAGUE!

[I’m a former Harvard admissions interviewer, and a Harvard grad and currently run the top college admissions consulting firm: Ivy League Essay (www.IvyCollegeEssay) out of NYC.  Working with student all over the US and the world, I help the best of the best achieve their dreams and get into Harvard and like-minded Ivy League schools.  Contact me today, for a free consultation: www.IvyCollegeEssay.com ]

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