Sometimes you don’t get into your first or even second choice college when you apply to the Ivy Leagues or any elite Top 20 university. The top Ivies and colleges are flooded with thousands of applications every year and the most elite schools have very limited spots. It doesn’t mean you need to completely give up on your Ivy League dream, though: you can always apply as a transfer student and give yourself a second chance to get in!

Here are some positives that you can take away from a perhaps delayed entrance into your dream school Ivy. Ivy League school tuition is typically more expensive so one or two semesters at another college could help you save money in the long term. During your time at another college you could also work to improve your grades, in case your GPA was a determining factor as to why you didn’t get in the first time around. Also, you could take the time your freshman year elsewhere to get a better understanding of what you want to study and why. All of these things could help create an even stronger application as a transfer applicant and lead to the acceptance into one of your top college choices!

Whereas, the number of transfer that get accepted into an Ivy League schools is small, it is actually easierI to get in as a transfer student than as an incoming freshman if everything else lines up.

The first step: figure out why you were rejected so you can focus on steps that might improve your chances this year if you decide to reapply – whether that’s improving your SAT or ACT scores, your GPA, or fine-tuning your extracurricular activities and interests. To make your transfer application stand out show you are working hard to constantly improve yourself and grow your horizons. Admission officers don’t want to see the same application that you originally submitted, and yes, most schools do keep files.

While half of the students I  work with get into the Ivies right out of high school, about 50% of my students are transfer applicants. . I can give you guidance and insights as to why you were rejected or maybe waitlisted last year, help with your school selection, work with you on the content of your transfer application, plus provide any additional information about the process that you as a transfer applicant might need.

Reach out today for a free consultation at: and let me help you get into a great top college even if you previously have been waitlisted or rejected, and achieve your Ivy League dreams!

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