As a college applicant aspiring to attend an Ivy League university, you may have encountered varying opinions on the importance of “demonstrated interest” in the Ivy League admissions processes. Although the Ivy League schools have explicitly stated that they do not track demonstrated interest, it doesn’t mean you should disregard showcasing your genuine interest in these institutions.

Understanding the Evolution of “Demonstrated Interest”

In the past, colleges tracked demonstrated interest through campus visits and events. However, the pandemic prompted a shift to virtual engagement with prospective students. Consequently, almost all of  the Ivy League schools clarified that  physical demonstrated interest no longer influences the application evaluation.

Emphasizing Genuine Interest

While physical demonstrated interest is no longer considered, Ivy League schools highly value applicants who still authentically express their interest in their chosen institutions. The “Why” essay in the supplemental application is your chance to articulate well-researched and compelling reasons for wanting to attend a specific Ivy League school.

Crafting a Convincing Application

To bolster your application, focus on connecting your high school experiences to your future goals at the college of your choice. Demonstrate a strong fit with the school’s values and showcase how you’ll contribute to the campus community. While exploring schools through campus tours and events can be beneficial, remember that these actions alone won’t significantly impact your admission chances.

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