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705, 2016

What Each Ivy League College is Known For

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What Each Ivy League College Is Known For Each Ivy League university has its own niche, it's own "brand": In other words, each Ivy League university is known for certain things in terms of reputation. Understanding this in regard to college admissions, and Ivy League university admissions in general, is important.  This knowledge lets you target which school is the best fit for you, as well as which college is actually where you become the best fit for THEM. This is only going to increase your chances of getting accepted. The following list is a very brief compilation listing each Ivy League university, and what specific programs or majors they are best known for around the world! Allow me to add as well, that all 8 of the Ivy League colleges mentioned here, as well as the ones I classify as "Ivy League competitive schools" like Stanford or MIT,  are all excellent universities. They truly do offer an extensive, wide-reaching, liberal arts education that will leave you extremely well-educated and intellectually respected for your college degree around the globe. In other words, you can't go wrong with any school in the Ivy League. However, knowing what each Ivy university is

712, 2015

Do You Need to Know Your Major When Applying to College?

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Do you need to know what you want to major in before applying to college?

1011, 2015

Your Ivy League College Admissions Interview: How to Prepare & What to Expect

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It's incredibly nerve-wracking to have to go into a room and have a stranger decide your future.  If you're also a top student (like I was), it's even more nerve-wracking to not know if you're really going to get to go to a top-tier, super-elite school like Harvard, Princeton, MIT or Yale and have your future and career almost completely laid out for you, or if you really even have the slightest chance of getting in at all. That's why I've laid out the top questions students often hear during their Ivy League college interviews. Even if you're not applying to the Ivy League, this will work for any other competitive top to mid-tier college, too. So, whether you're applying to Harvard and Princeton, or Boston University and NYU, studying these questions will help you be more prepared in terms of what to expect from your college interview, and how to be more confident during the interview itself, because nothing will take you by surprise. As an overview though, college admissions officers want to know that you have the maturity to speak clearly, that you can be comfortable even in a nerve-wracking situation, that you can look them in the

806, 2015

Top 5 Ivy League College Admission Essay Books to Buy Today!

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Are you a high school student applying to college this year?  Is it your dream to go to an Ivy League school and one day graduate from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia ,Brown,  Dartmouth, Cornell, or UPenn? Or maybe you're interested in one of the many other extremely competitive and excellent "Top Ten" schools in the country, such as MIT, Stanford, Duke, etc., etc. The below are the top 5 college admission essay books I personally recommend.  They give you a great overview of the types of essays that actually work, and get you in to the Ivy League! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Need more help and advice? Contact me today for a free initial consultation. I'm a former Harvard admissions interviewer and Harvard graduate, and currently run the Ivy League college admissions firm, get into your dream school today!

506, 2015

Applying to an Ivy League College? Common App Essay Advice from a Former Harvard Interviewer!

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1. What are some of the common misconceptions/mistakes you see regarding students’ Common App essays? Do you have any general advice for the Common App? The biggest mistake I see students repeatedly make with the Common App, is not understanding what makes them unique. Schools are looking for “original thinkers”…. “original doers” and in your Common App you want to show off just what makes you different from your peers. It may be something you don’t even realize, or pay much attention to, so look for it! I had one student for example, who had spent her life studying ballet at a very high artistic level, where she was even asked to join a big city ballet company as an apprentice, and yet she didn’t think this was something worth mentioning, and instead wrote her essay on a science fair she participated in (wrong approach). Another student of mine had had an extremely interesting life growing up in a town where he and his brother were the only Jewish kids in their entire school system in the rural South. He (again, wrong approach) wrote about going on a summer trip to Mexico with his high school class. WRITE ABOUT SOMETHING

3105, 2015

How to Prepare Your Kids For An Ivy League College Education

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If you have always dreamed of having your son or daughter graduate from an Ivy League college -- which, to define the term, are the eight schools that make up the Ivy League and including: Harvard, Princeton, Yale (the "Big Three"), as well as Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania --  there are many thing you can do that will help your teen succeed in the Ivy League college admissions and college application process. #1.  Make sure they take as many AP courses as possible:  College admissions officers, especially Ivy League college admissions officers want to see that your student is not only challenging themselves by taking the most challenging courses possible at their particular school, but they want to see that they are ALREADY fully immersed in college-level classes, before they even get to college. So, if your student's high school DOESN'T offer any AP course work, make sure they get it somewhere else (like enrolling in a community college at night). This shows that they will be able to handle the work-load once they get in to a highly competitive school.  It shows they have the intellect and can take the pressure, and that kind of

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