Applying to college this year? Shooting for the Ivy League? Already have your first, or maybe second, interview scheduled? Do you need advice? Not know what to do? I’m a former Harvard admissions interviewer and a Harvard grad, so let me tell you the students, and you, the parents, if you’re reading what will give you the best shot.

Overall, the Ivy League schools want to see that you are solid in yourself, able to carry a calm, confident and interesting adult conversation, know what you want, and what your goals are (even if they change once you’re exposed to other possibilities in college — just start out with something), and are driven, ambitious, competitive, and looking to intellectually and academically be the best you can be in your life. Conveying that is going to get you pretty far.

If you’re applying to the most competitive schools in the country like Harvard, for example, and that’s your goal, just keep in mind too, that Harvard likes students whom they feel might one day be famous. That’s the level of competition, focus, drive and determination that interviewers and admission committees are looking for at the highest level. Be that person. Give the admissions committee no single reason to say no.

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