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212, 2019

The Ivy League College Admissions Essay That Will Get You Into Harvard

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This is one of the best examples of a successful Ivy League college admissions essay that I have ever read, in my many years of working with the best high school students in the country, to help them gain admissions to the Ivy League. The essay was written by a student named Calvin Heiman, to give credit where credit is due, and he now attends Columbia University.  However, as a former Harvard admissions interviewer, had this come across my desk (and if everything else in his application was super strong) he would have gotten in. Here is the essay in its entirety. It has everything I was trained by Harvard admissions to look for: originality, heart, serious challenge, adversity, and yet his positive outlook comes through, and he creates a great, thoughtful conclusion at the end that ties everything together. He paints a great picture with words. Furthermore, this Common App essay really gives us a sense of who this person is: what he values, the tastes and flavors of his world, and once again, his positive outlook, despite real hardship going on in his family. And now for the essay, so you too can see a prime example of

2911, 2019

Things You Can Do to Boost Your Ivy League Application!

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If you’re applying to an Ivy League college you already know that high grades, tons of AP classes, stellar SAT scores, unique extracurriculars, and fantastic teacher recs can all play a role in your application and acceptance to some of the most prestigious colleges in America. The following are top ten tips though that you may not have thought of that when, combined with the standard qualifications above (i.e. stellar GPA, etc), can actually serve to help you get in! Social Media:  Schools check.  So, that said, you want to make sure that there is nothing crude or lewd on your facebook page and you’re not making extreme non-pc comments all over twitter.  It’s okay to show yourself having fun with your friends, and you certainly don’t have to show yourself as 100% scholarly and serious (it is a social outlet, after all), and you’re even allowed to have an opinion that maybe other people don’t necessarily agree with, but just keep in mind that the college admission officers are trying to get a sneak peak and quick overview of who you might be online. If you think your fb page shows you as an all around great person with dedicated

2311, 2019

Your Ivy League College Admissions Interview: How to Prepare!

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Your Ivy League College Admissions Interview: How to Prepare, What to Expect! It’s incredibly nerve-wracking to have to go into a room and have a stranger decide your future.  If you’re also a top student, it’s even more nerve-wracking to not know if you’re really going to get to go to a top-tier, super-competitive school like Harvard, Princeton, MIT or Yale and have your future and career laid out for you, or if you really even have the slightest chance of even getting in at all. That’s why I’ve laid out the top questions students often hear during their Ivy League college interviews. Even if you’re not applying to the Ivy League, this will work for any other competitive top to mid-tier college, too. So, whether you’re applying to Harvard and Princeton, or Boston University and NYU, studying these questions will help you be more prepared in terms of what to expect from your college interview, and how to be more confident during the interview itself, because nothing will take you by surprise. As an overview though, college admissions officers want to know that you have the maturity to speak clearly, that you can be comfortable even in a nerve-wracking

1811, 2019

Ivy League Interview Tips (from a former Harvard Interviewer)

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Applying to college this year? Shooting for the Ivy League? Already have your first, or maybe second, interview scheduled? Do you need advice? Not know what to do? I'm a former Harvard admissions interviewer and a Harvard grad, so let me tell you the students, and you, the parents, if you're reading what will give you the best shot. Overall, the Ivy League schools want to see that you are solid in yourself, able to carry a calm, confident and interesting adult conversation, know what you want, and what your goals are (even if they change once you're exposed to other possibilities in college -- just start out with something), and are driven, ambitious, competitive, and looking to intellectually and academically be the best you can be in your life. Conveying that is going to get you pretty far. If you’re applying to the most competitive schools in the country like Harvard, for example, and that’s your goal, just keep in mind too, that Harvard likes students whom they feel might one day be famous. That’s the level of competition, focus, drive and determination that interviewers and admission committees are looking for at the highest level. Be that person. Give the

204, 2019

How to Apply to an Ivy League College, and Get Accepted!

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College Applications and Essay Tips: Be Prepared! It’s getting to be that time of year again! College application time for high school seniors: or at least the time of year to start thinking about where you might apply for college. After all, where you go to school is IMPORTANT, as it does set the stage for the rest of your life (no pressure).  That doesn’t mean you can’t do great things if you don’t get into the school of your dreams, as you certainly CAN, and many people do. What it does mean however, is that achieving your dreams will be EASIER if you go to a top-notch school. This especially true if you’re interested in going to an #IvyLeague college, like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc., or what I like to call “Ivy League Equivalent” such as Stanford, MIT, Duke or UCLA.  As a graduate of Harvard myself, and a former Harvard admissions interviewer, I speak from experience when I say that the college you go will help you in life — for years and years after you graduate, not only in terms of job opportunities, but friends, referrals to all kinds of other things you can’t even imagine, and a social circle you

105, 2017

The Top 5 Books To Read If Applying To An Ivy League College!

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Did well in high school?  Check.  Strongly involved in your extracurriculars?  Check.  Aced your AP exams, and scored pretty high on your SAT's?  Double check. More than likely if you fit the above, you probably have at least some aspiration to go to an Ivy League college.  Maybe you're not sure if you'll get in, but you have the hope.  The dream.  If only you could maximize your chances.  Do whatever you could do to just push your Ivy League college application just a little bit over the edge. But where is this secret knowledge?  What is this secret insider information? How can you find out EXACTLY what else you can possibly do, when you turn on your computer and sit down this year to apply to your list of schools. Read.  That's my answer, to parents and students alike.  Find out. Research the information. The following books are the top 5 books in their field which give you many, many examples of what a successful Harvard, Yale and Stanford college application essay actually looks like -- and there are lots of examples from which to access and learn. The important thing to remember though, is that while I do recommend

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